Design Features


                1. Full: The “full” design feature has elongated vertical “wings” on both sides of the holster to give greater coverage of the weapon which protects the weapon from the abuse of wearing. The back-side “wing” of this feature covers the whole back of the firearm’s slide and hammer which keeps it from getting snagged in drawing as well has protection from being jabbed in the ribs by the weapon. It also serves as a sweat guard to protect the weapon from touching the skin of the carrier. This is a great option if you wear your firearm against your skin under t-shirts or if you carry consistently in hot/humid environments.


                2. Half: The “half” design feature covers the weapon from one belt loop wing to the other in an almost strait line. This design covers the lower half of the weapon from the trigger guard on down. While this does not give the protection that the “full” feature gives in the draw and against bare skin, it is often more desired by those who are concerned with a fast draw. This feature allows the weapon to clear the holster more quickly with less holster obstruction. They look great as well. If desired, we are able to include the backside “sweat” guard on this design feature while leaving the exposed side of the holster at “half” design for a small additional charge.


                3. Single-sided: This is standard and designates that only one piece of leather is used in the holster making process. The underside of the hide will be the only finish on the inside of the holster. Depending on the hide, this usually makes for a little rougher finish against the weapon. This is not a big concern for those who carry “work horse” guns and Polymer type guns (like the Glock, S&W M&P, XDs, etc.). For those who want to carry high dollar weapons with pretty finishes may want to consider option #4.


                4. Double-sided: This is pretty straight forward. We put two pieces of leather back-to-back creating a holster that has a smoother, finished quality leather both on the outside and the inside. All guns carried in a holster will eventually develop finish wear but this option allows the process to be delayed and is preferred for the higher dollar weapons. It not only feels good and treats your weapon well, but it LOOKS really good. Of course, this will be a little more costly to due to the added materials and time, but we are offering it at a very reasonable additional cost. If you are looking for a holster that is a cut above, this would be a great choice.


                5. Two-Tone: This describes the color scheme of the holster. We are able to customize your holster by manipulating the dyeing process. We have many color options besides the stock black and brown.  Black on brown and Dark brown on Light brown will be a less expensive choice since they are stock colors. There will be a small additional charge if you order your holster in other colors, but we are happy to work with you to create your own personalized holster. These holsters will not be returnable.


                6. Extensions: This is an option that adds leather strips/patches to the holster to beautify or personalize the look of your holster. This usually is a very attractive option for the two-tone holsters. The disadvantage is that it will print a little more if you are seeking more of a “deep” concealed approach. If concealment is not an issue for you or you prefer to open carry then this will draw the admiration of other “gun-toters”. These are added for a small extra charge.


Style Descriptions:


OWB (Outside the Waist Band) belt looped holsters:

                1. Classic: This is our standard design that may incorporate a cant degree from 0° (strait up) up to 30° (forward facing). It may be ordered single-sided or double-sided and comes both in the “full” or “half” feature designs. This gives a strong leather grain look and is a smooth, simple design. No frills. All work…with a little bit of class.


                2. Texan: This look gets its name for the obvious reason. This is a gorgeous, well balanced look. Conservative but stylish, you won’t go wrong with this design. It can incorporate a cant from 0° to 30°.


                3. Flat-back: This design carries a “flat line" look at the back end of the holster (we thought better of using the term “bottom” here). It has a very attractive look and tends to have better snag free qualities per its design. It finds its look to be close to the IFB Agent/Texas Ranger designs that are popular in Law Enforcement agencies. Very close to the “Texan” it gives a small variation in style that some might prefer. It is a good looker… as we would expect it to be. It can incorporate a cant from 0° to 30°.


Magazine Pouches:
                We also make OWB belt looped leather magazine pouches to match your holster. Right now this will require the shipping of the magazine to us (if we don’t have one on site) or a local drop off.


Coming Soon!
                 • Leather retentions strap models for those who like to open carry or prefer the extra security of a strap.
                 • IWB metal clip “tuckable” holsters for some of the smaller model handguns like the LCP/LC9 and small frame revolvers for “deep” conceal carry.
                 • Full-size handgun IWB holster styled much like the “Crossbreed” designs as well as other styles original with us.