About Us

Our Founders

Co-founders of Adark HolstersAdam and April Jones are the "Ad" in Adark Holsters. Between their respect for the American Constitution and love for their family, Adam and April are doing their part in addressing the Second Amendment's promise, our right to bear arms. It is their belief that actions must support and preserve the freedoms of this great country. Adam became intrigued with all areas of hunting and shooting at a very early age. He is Adark's holster designer and creator. April operates on the more interminable side of Adark Holsters as office manager and bookkeeper.


Frania couple smlMark and Val Frania, co-founders of Adark Holsters make up the "ark" in Adark Holsters. Once the Constitution came under attack the Franias felt it their duty to exercise their Second Amendment rights. It seemed a contradiction to voice concern over losing a right that they had not yet exercised. Hence, firearm training became a priority. Mark is Adark's creator and marketer of the leather goods. Val is the graphic designer and webmaster for AdarkHolsters.com.


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